Install Docker on CRUX Linux

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Installing on CRUX Linux can be done using the official contrib ports:

  • docker

The docker port will build and install the latest tagged version of Docker.


Assuming you have contrib enabled, update your ports tree and install docker:

$ sudo prt-get depinst docker

Kernel requirements

To have a working CRUX+Docker Host you must ensure your Kernel has the necessary modules enabled for the Docker Daemon to function correctly.

Please read the README:

$ sudo prt-get readme docker

The docker port installs the contrib/ script provided by the Docker contributors for checking your kernel configuration as a suitable Docker host.

To check your Kernel configuration run:

$ /usr/share/docker/

Starting Docker

There is a rc script created for Docker. To start the Docker service:

$ sudo /etc/rc.d/docker start

To start on system boot:

  • Edit /etc/rc.conf
  • Put docker into the SERVICES=(...) array after net.


There is a CRUX image as part of the Docker “Official Library” of images. To use this image simply pull it or use it as part of your FROM line in your Dockerfile(s).

$ docker pull crux
$ docker run -i -t crux

There are also user contributed CRUX based image(s) on the Docker Hub.


To uninstall the Docker package:

$ sudo prt-get remove docker

The above command will not remove images, containers, volumes, or user created configuration files on your host. If you wish to delete all images, containers, and volumes run the following command:

$ rm -rf /var/lib/docker

You must delete the user created configuration files manually.


If you have any issues please file a bug with the CRUX Bug Tracker.


For support contact the CRUX Mailing List or join CRUX’s IRC Channels. on the FreeNode IRC Network.

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