Kitematic: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Legacy desktop solution. Kitematic is a legacy solution, bundled with Docker Toolbox. We recommend updating to Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows if your system meets the requirements for one of those applications.

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Is Kitematic Open Source?

Yes! Our source code is available on GitHub. Kitematic is open source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

How can I contribute to Kitematic?

We always welcome (and deeply appreciate!) new contributions to the project. The best way to start contributing to Kitematic is to review our doc on contributing.

How does Kitematic work with Docker?

Kitematic connects directly to a running instance of Docker and controls it via the Docker Engine API.

Which platforms does Kitematic support?

Right now Kitematic works on macOS and Windows. Linux is planned in the future. Review our product roadmap.

Why does Kitematic collect usage analytics and bug reports?

Kitematic tracks anonymous errors and analytics to help understand why things go wrong and to help understand how users are interacting with the app so we can continuously make it better.

You can opt-out of this anytime via the in-app preferences.

What we DON’T collect

  • Personal information: any information that would allow us to determine a specific user of Kitematic
  • Information or data relating to code, containers or Docker images opened via Kitematic.

What we DO collect

  • Anonymous events for actions in the app. We never collect data associated with events. For example:
    • User searched for images (but not what the search query was).
    • User created a container (but not which image, the name of the container or any data involved)
    • User opened the preferences pane
    • User deleted a container
  • Errors names, messages & stack traces (scrubbed for user names)
  • Operating System, Kitematic and installed VirtualBox versions

We’d love to answer any more questions about this. Feel free to reach us at or to open an issue on GitHub.

Next Steps

For information about known issues in the current release of Kitematic, take a look at the Known issues.

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