Docker Trusted Registry release notes

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Here you can learn about new features, bug fixes, breaking changes and known issues for each DTR version.

You can then use the upgrade instructions, to upgrade your installation to the latest release.

DTR 2.1.4

(17 Jan 2017)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed garbage collection UI slowdown when changing settings
  • Fixed storage settings UI missing “Save” button when changing storage backends
  • Fixed bug which was showing image tags as “outdated” for Notary signed images
  • Removed --log-tls-* options which were not working correctly

DTR 2.1.3

(20 Dec 2016)

Bug fixes

  • docker/dtr image
    • Restore command now correctly prints error messages
    • Improved join command to retry after failure
  • DTR web UI
    • UI now renders correctly when hiding the left navigation bar
    • You can now create organizations that use hyphens in their name
    • DTR now displays a UI banner when migrating tag data
    • Tag and manifest tags now render faster

DTR 2.1.2

(8 Dec 2016)


  • The web UI now alerts when no backups have been made in a week

Bug fixes

  • Restore operation now prints logs
  • Google Cloud Storage driver now throttles data if there’s heavy load, instead of generating errors
  • Upgraded Alpine images used by the DTR services to fix a security vulnerability with Expat2
  • Fix for tag migration when pushing non-standard manifests
  • Fix for tag migration failing during upgrade due to database timeouts

DTR 2.1.1

(28 Nov 2016)


  • Updated backend storage configuration to use AWS v4 headers
  • Added support for Scality, an Amazon S3 compatible object storage

Other Improvements

  • Health check now reports failures after 3 consecutive failures
  • Restore command now restores Notary server data
  • Fix subsequent joins after a failed join

DTR 2.1.0

(10 Nov 2016)


  • Out of the box integration between UCP and DTR. You no longer need to configure UCP to trust DTR and vice versa. Requires UCP 2.0 or higher
  • DTR now contains its own Notary server you can use to store secure image metadata
  • Notary is highly-available if DTR is configured for high availability
  • Added support of Google Cloud Storage driver using YML configurations
  • Added support for Amazon S3 compatible storages like Cleversafe object store by IBM


Made several improvements to the DTR installer, and added more configuration flag, for more customization at install time.

  • Several improvements to make installation more stable
  • Added the --log-tls-ca-cert, --log-tls-cert, --log-tls-key, --log-tls-skip-verify for specifying the TLS certificates to be used with the DTR logging driver
  • Added the --enable-pprof to enable pprof profiling of the server
  • Added the --etcd-heartbeat-interval, --etcd-election-timeout, and --etcd-snapshot-count options to configure the key-value store used by DTR
  • Added the --nfs-storage-url, and --dtr-storage-volume options to allow configuring where Docker images are stored

Web UI

  • Web UI now displays information about tag metadata and logs
  • Improved garbage collection settings

General improvements

  • Better integration with NFS storage driver to store Docker images
  • Better integration with Filesystem storage driver to store Docker images
  • Improved garbage collection performance and efficiency
  • Improved health checking API for more granularity

Known issues

  • When upgrading to this version, tag metadata is migrated to DTR’s internal database. Depending on how many images are stored in DTR this can take some time to complete.
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