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The Docker Project is led by three individuals who are responsible for the direction, operations, quality and community of the project as a whole.

Chief Architect : Solomon Hykes

The chief architect is responsible for the general direction of the project, defining it’s design principles, and preserving the integrity of it’s overall architecture as the platform grows and matures.

Chief Maintainer : Michael Crosby

The chief maintainer is responsible for all aspects of quality for the project including code reviews, usability, stability, security and performance.

Chief Operator : Steve Francia

The chief operator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project including: facilitating communications amongst all the contributors; tracking release schedules; managing the relationship with downstream distributions and upstream dependencies; and helping new contributors to get involved and become successful contributors and maintainers. The role is also responsible for managing and measuring the success of the overall project and ensuring it is governed properly working in concert with the Docker Governance Advisory Board (DGAB).

Members of the 2015 DGAB

The DGAB is made up of 16 individual who represent the ecosystem, contributors and community of the Docker Project.


  • Michael Crosby
  • Steve Francia
  • Stephen Day
  • Arnaud Porterie

Individual Contributors

  • Andrew Tianon Page
  • Aleksa Sarai
  • Harald Albers
  • Darren Shepherd

Corporate Contributors

  • Jeff Borek (IBM)
  • Dan Walsh (RedHat)
  • Ahmet Alp Balkan (Microsoft)
  • Rohit Jnagal (Google)


  • Nicola Paolucci (Atlassian)
  • Burke Libbey (Shopify)
  • Meghdoot Bhattacharya (PayPal)
  • Tapabrata Pal (Capital One)
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