docker-compose down

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Usage: down [options]

    --rmi type          Remove images. Type must be one of:
                        'all': Remove all images used by any service.
                        'local': Remove only images that don't have a custom tag
                        set by the `image` field.
    -v, --volumes       Remove named volumes declared in the `volumes` section
                        of the Compose file and anonymous volumes
                        attached to containers.
    --remove-orphans    Remove containers for services not defined in the
                        Compose file

Stops containers and removes containers, networks, volumes, and images created by up.

By default, the only things removed are:

  • Containers for services defined in the Compose file
  • Networks defined in the networks section of the Compose file
  • The default network, if one is used

Networks and volumes defined as external are never removed.

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