Redeploy a running service

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You can redeploy services in Docker Cloud while they are running to regenerate a service’s containers. You might do this when a new version of the image is pushed to the registry, or in order to apply changes that you made to the service’s settings.

When you redeploy a service, Docker Cloud terminates the current service containers. It then deploys new containers using the most recent service definition, including service and deployment tags, deployment strategies, port mappings, and so on.

Note: Your containers might be redeployed to different nodes during redeployment.

Container hostnames

Container hostnames change on redeployment, and if your service uses dynamic published ports, new ports might be used on redeployment.

Container hostnames appear in the following format:

However, containers keep their local IPs after redeployment, even if they end up in different nodes. This means that linked services do not need to be redeployed. To learn more, see Service Links.

Service hostnames

Service hostnames remain the same after redeployment. Service hostnames are only available for ports that are bound to a specific port on the host. They are not available if the port is dynamically allocated.

Service hostnames appear in the following format:

Redeploy with volumes

If your containers use volumes, the new containers can reuse the existing volumes. If you chose to reuse the volumes, the containers redeploy to the same nodes to preserve their links to the volumes.

Note: When you redeploy services with reused volumes, your redeployment can fail if the service’s deployment tags no longer allow it to be deployed on the node that the volume resides on. To learn more, see Deployment Tags.

Redeploy a service using the web interface

  1. Click Services in the left menu to view a list of services.
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the service or services you want to redeploy.
  3. From the Actions menu at the top right, choose Redeploy. The service begin redeploying immediately.

Redeploy a service using the API and CLI

See the Docker Cloud API and CLI documentation for more information on using our API and CLI to redeploy services.

Autoredeploy on image push to Docker Hub

If your service uses an image stored in Docker Hub or Docker Cloud, you can enable Autoredeploy on the service. Autoredeploy triggers a redeployment whenever a new image is pushed. See the Autoredeploy documentation to learn more.

Redeploy a service using webhooks

You can also use triggers to redeploy a service, for example when its image is pushed or rebuilt in a third-party registry. See the Triggers documentation to learn more.

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