docker/dtr backup

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Backup a DTR cluster to a tar file and stream it to stdout


docker run -i --rm docker/dtr \
    backup [command options] > backup.tar


This command creates a backup of configurations and image metadata, in a tar file. It can be used to make periodic backups of a DTR installation.

This command only creates backups of configurations, and image metadata. It does not backup the Docker images stored in your registry.

You should implement a separate backup policy for the Docker images stored in your registry, taking in consideration whether your DTR installation is configured to store images on the filesystem or using a cloud provider.

WARNING: This backup contains sensitive information and should be stored securely.


Option Description
--ucp-url Specify the UCP controller URL including domain and port
--ucp-username Specify the UCP admin username
--ucp-password Specify the UCP admin password
--debug Enable debug mode, provides additional logging
--hub-username Specify the Docker Hub username for pulling images
--hub-password Specify the Docker Hub password for pulling images
--ucp-insecure-tls Disable TLS verification for UCP
--ucp-ca Use a PEM-encoded TLS CA certificate for UCP
--existing-replica-id ID of an existing replica in a cluster
--config-only Backup/restore only the configurations of DTR and not the database
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