docker secret inspect

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Display detailed information on one or more secrets


docker secret inspect [OPTIONS] SECRET [SECRET...]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--format, -f   Format the output using the given Go template

Parent command

Command Description
docker secret Manage Docker secrets
Command Description
docker secret create Create a secret from a file or STDIN as content
docker secret inspect Display detailed information on one or more secrets
docker secret ls List secrets
docker secret rm Remove one or more secrets


Inspecting a secret by name or ID

You can inspect a secret, either by its name, or ID

For example, given the following secret:

$ docker secret ls
ID                          NAME                    CREATED                                   UPDATED
mhv17xfe3gh6xc4rij5orpfds   secret.json             2016-10-27 23:25:43.909181089 +0000 UTC   2016-10-27 23:25:43.909181089 +0000 UTC
$ docker secret inspect secret.json
        "ID": "mhv17xfe3gh6xc4rij5orpfds",
            "Version": {
            "Index": 1198
        "CreatedAt": "2016-10-27T23:25:43.909181089Z",
        "UpdatedAt": "2016-10-27T23:25:43.909181089Z",
        "Spec": {
            "Name": "secret.json"

Formatting secret output

You can use the –format option to obtain specific information about a secret. The following example command outputs the creation time of the secret.

$ docker secret inspect --format='{{.CreatedAt}}' mhv17xfe3gh6xc4rij5orpfds
2016-10-27 23:25:43.909181089 +0000 UTC

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