Google Cloud Storage driver

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An implementation of the storagedriver.StorageDriver interface which uses Google Cloud for object storage.


</table> `bucket`: The name of your Google Cloud Storage bucket where you wish to store objects (needs to already be created prior to driver initialization). `keyfile`: (optional) A private key file in JSON format, used for [Service Account Authentication]( **Note** Instead of a key file you can use [Google Application Default Credentials]( `rootdirectory`: (optional) The root directory tree in which all registry files will be stored. Defaults to the empty string (bucket root).
Parameter Required Description
bucket yes Storage bucket name.
keyfile no A private service account key file in JSON format. Instead of a key file Google Application Default Credentials can be used.
rootdirectory no This is a prefix that will be applied to all Google Cloud Storage keys to allow you to segment data in your bucket if necessary. </tr> </tr>
chunksize no (default 5242880) This is the chunk size used for uploading large blobs, must be a multiple of 256*1024.
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