Push images to Docker Cloud

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Docker Cloud uses Docker Hub as its native registry for storing both public and private repositories. Once you push your images to Docker Hub, they will be available in Docker Cloud.

Images pushed to Docker Hub automatically appear for you in the Launch new service wizard.

Note: You must use Docker Engine 1.6 or later to push to Docker Hub. Follow the official installation instructions depending on your system.

  1. In a terminal window, set the environment variable DOCKER_ID_USER as your username in Docker Cloud.

    This allows you to copy and paste the commands directly from this tutorial. $ export DOCKER_ID_USER="username"

    If you don’t want to set this environment variable, change the examples in this tutorial to replace DOCKER_ID_USER with your Docker Cloud username.

  2. Log in to Docker Cloud using the docker login command. $ docker login This logs you in using your Docker ID, which is shared between both Docker Hub and Docker Cloud.

    If you have never logged in to Docker Hub or Docker Cloud and do not have a Docker ID, running this command prompts you to create a Docker ID.

  3. Tag your image using docker tag.

    In the example below replace my_image with your image’s name, and DOCKER_ID_USER with your Docker Cloud username if needed. $ docker tag my_image $DOCKER_ID_USER/my_image

  4. Push your image to Docker Hub using docker push (making the same replacements as in the previous step). $ docker push $DOCKER_ID_USER/my_image

  5. Check that the image you just pushed appears in Docker Cloud.

    Go to Docker Cloud and navigate to the Repositories tab and confirm that your image appears in this list.

Note: If you’re a member of any organizations that are using Docker Cloud, you might need to switch to the organization account namespace using the account menu at the upper right to see other repositories.

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