Logentries logging driver

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The logentries logging driver sends container logs to the Logentries server.


Some options are supported by specifying --log-opt as many times as needed:

  • logentries-token: specify the logentries log set token

Configure the default logging driver by passing the --log-driver option to the Docker daemon:

$ dockerd --log-driver=logentries

To set the logging driver for a specific container, pass the --log-driver option to docker run:

$ docker run --log-driver=logentries ...

Before using this logging driver, you’ll need to create a new Log Set in the Logentries web interface. Then, you’ll need to pass the token of that log set to Docker:

$ docker run --log-driver=logentries --log-opt logentries-token=abcd1234-12ab-34cd-5678-0123456789ab


Users can use the --log-opt NAME=VALUE flag to specify additional Logentries logging driver options.


You need to provide your log set token for logentries driver to work:

$ docker run --log-driver=logentries --log-opt logentries-token=abcd1234-12ab-34cd-5678-0123456789ab
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