Service API roles

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You can configure a service so that it can access the Docker Cloud API. When you grant API access to a service, its containers receive a token through an environment variable, which is used to query the Docker Cloud API.

Docker Cloud has a “full access” role which when granted allows any operation to be performed on the API. You can enable this option on the Environment variables screen of the Service wizard, or specify it in your service’s stackfile. When enabled, Docker Cloud generates an authorization token for the service’s containers which is stored in an environment variable called DOCKERCLOUD_AUTH.

Use this variable to set the Authorization HTTP header when calling Docker Cloud’s API:

$ curl -H "Authorization: $DOCKERCLOUD_AUTH" -H "Accept: application/json"

You can use this feature with Docker Cloud’s automatic environment variables, to let your application inside a container read and perform operations using Docker Cloud’s API.

$ curl -H "Authorization: $DOCKERCLOUD_AUTH" -H "Accept: application/json" $WEB_DOCKERCLOUD_API_URL

For example, you can use information retrieved using the API to read the linked endpoints, and use them to reconfigure a proxy container.

See the API documentation for more information on the different API operations available.

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