Permission levels

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Docker Trusted Registry allows you to define fine-grain permissions over image repositories.

Administrator users

Users are shared across Docker Datacenter. When you create a new user in Docker Universal Control Plane, that user becomes available in DTR and vice versa. When you create an administrator user in DTR, that user is a Docker Datacenter administrator, with permissions to:

  • Manage users across Docker Datacenter,
  • Manage DTR repositories and settings,
  • Manage the whole UCP cluster.

Team permission levels

Teams allow you to define the permissions a set of user has for a set of repositories. Three permission levels are available:

Repository operation read read-write admin
View/ browse x x x
Pull x x x
Push   x x
Delete tags   x x
Edit description     x
Set public or private     x
Manage user access     x
Delete repository      

Team permissions are additive. When a user is a member of multiple teams, they have the highest permission level defined by those teams.

Overall permissions

Here’s an overview of the permission levels available in DTR:

  • Anonymous users: Can search and pull public repositories.
  • Users: Can search and pull public repos, and create and manage their own repositories.
  • Team member: Everything a user can do, plus the permissions granted by the teams the user is member of.
  • Team admin: Everything a team member can do, and can also add members to the team.
  • Organization admin: Everything a team admin can do, can create new teams, and add members to the organization.
  • DDC admin: Can manage anything across UCP and DTR.

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