docker/ucp restore

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Restore a UCP manager node from a backup


docker run -i --rm \
    --name ucp \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    docker/ucp \
    restore [command options] < restore.tar


This command restores the state of this UCP manager node using a tar file generated by the ‘backup’ command.

The restore command stops the UCP components running on this node and restores the data from a backup, overwriting all existing data.

By default the backup tar file is read from stdin. You can also bind-mount the backup file under /config/backup.tar, and run the restore command with the ‘–interactive’ flag.


  • Before restoring a manager node, you need to stop all other managers.

  • During the restore, UCP is temporarily stopped on this node. This does not affect your applications.

  • You need to restore using a backup you created for that specific node.


Option Description
--debug, D Enable debug mode
--jsonlog Produce json formatted output for easier parsing
--interactive, i Run in interactive mode and prompt for configuration values
--id The ID of the UCP instance to backup
--passphrase Decrypt the tar file with the provided passphrase
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