Install Docker on Arch Linux

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Installing on Arch Linux can be handled via the package in community:

or the following AUR package:

The docker package will install the latest tagged version of docker. The docker-git package will build from the current master branch.


Docker depends on several packages which are specified as dependencies in the packages. The core dependencies are:

  • bridge-utils
  • device-mapper
  • iproute2
  • sqlite


For the normal package a simple

$ sudo pacman -S docker

is all that is needed.

For the AUR package execute:

$ yaourt -S docker-git

The instructions here assume yaourt is installed. See Arch User Repository for information on building and installing packages from the AUR if you have not done so before.

Starting Docker

There is a systemd service unit created for docker. To start the docker service:

$ sudo systemctl start docker

To start on system boot:

$ sudo systemctl enable docker

Custom daemon options

If you need to add an HTTP Proxy, set a different directory or partition for the Docker runtime files, or make other customizations, read our systemd article to learn how to customize your systemd Docker daemon options.

Running Docker with a manually-defined network

If you manually configure your network using systemd-network version 220 or higher, containers you start with Docker may be unable to access your network. Beginning with version 220, the forwarding setting for a given network (net.ipv4.conf.<interface>.forwarding) defaults to off. This setting prevents IP forwarding. It also conflicts with Docker which enables the net.ipv4.conf.all.forwarding setting within a container.

To work around this, edit the <interface>.network file in /etc/systemd/network/ on your Docker host add the following block:


This configuration allows IP forwarding from the container as expected.


To uninstall the Docker package:

$ sudo pacman -R docker

To uninstall the Docker package and dependencies that are no longer needed:

$ sudo pacman -Rns docker

The above commands will not remove images, containers, volumes, or user created configuration files on your host. If you wish to delete all images, containers, and volumes run the following command:

$ rm -rf /var/lib/docker

You must delete the user created configuration files manually.

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