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You are viewing docs for legacy standalone Swarm. These topics describe standalone Docker Swarm. If you use Docker 1.12 or higher, Swarm mode is integrated with Docker Engine. Most users should use integrated Swarm mode — a good place to start is Getting started with swarm mode and Swarm mode CLI commands. Standalone Docker Swarm is not integrated into the Docker Engine API and CLI commands.

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Using this example, you deploy a voting application on a Swarm cluster. This example illustrates a typical development process. After you establish an infrastructure, you create a Swarm cluster and deploy the application against the cluster.

After building and manually deploying the voting application, you’ll construct a Docker Compose file. You (or others) can use the file to deploy and scale the application further. The article also provides a troubleshooting section you can use while developing or deploying the voting application.

The sample is written for a novice network administrator. You should have basic skills on Linux systems and ssh experience. Some knowledge of Git is also useful but not strictly required. This example takes approximately an hour to complete and has the following steps:

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